University of Strathclyde

Full time? Part time? Distance
MSc Information Management Tick Cross Cross Tick Tick
MSc Information and Library Studies Tick Cross Cross Tick Tick

Required LIS experience: None

Strathclyde offer a generalised MSc in Information and Library Studies which would be ideal for anyone wishing to get a qualification offering a variety of applications in a library environment. They also offer an MSc in Information Management, which is ideal for people who do not want to feel as though they’re limited to roles within libraries. The Information Management course is slightly more technically focused, which would be useful for those wishing to go into work with systems, databases and digital content within the library and information sector. The Strathclyde fees are at the lower end of the scale, so if you are based in Scotland or the North of England, this may be a good option for you financially. If you are a Scottish or a non-UK EU student, you are eligible for funding for the course, making it a very attractive option for people from Scotland or outside the UK.


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