City University London

Full time? Part time? Distance
MSc Information Science Tick Tick Cross Tick Tick
MA/MSc Library Science Tick Tick Cross Tick Tick

Required LIS experience: None

City University do not require you to have prior library experience the way many other LIS courses do, which is perhaps ideal for those already established in a career and ready for a change! Their courses are quite tech focused and as such will suit people wishing to be prepared for the increasing role of technology in the sector. If you achieved a 2.1 or above in your first degree, you may qualify for a £1000 bursary, and they offer generous discounts to City University and other London University graduates. They offer an MSc in Information Science which will suit those looking for a more general qualification. They also offer a Library Science course, and you can graduate from this with either an MSc or an MA depending on your research interests. London is also home to the M25 Consortium of academic libraries, which offer CPD and networking opportunities.


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