LIS Institutions

These pages have been designed as a guide to choosing your LIS qualification. Each institution has its own page where you can find further information about the kinds of courses offered. Hopefully this will help you decide on which path is best for you as it is certainly a difficult choice to make.

A lot of people espouse the various pros and cons of different course types but realistically there is no ‘one size fits all’ or ideal way of pursuing an LIS degree. Making your study work around your circumstances, and being able to justify your choices, is perhaps the best way to help decide rather than worrying about getting it wrong. For example, many people find distance learning offers the opportunity to balance work and study, for others it isn’t an ideal method as it is so self-directed it needs a great deal of motivation and commitment. Our research has also shown that which specific institution you choose is unlikely to affect your job prospects, so it’s best to ensure you choose a course that suits your interests in terms of module choice, your style as a learner, as well as your own personal circumstances which may affect whether you want to relocate or leave a job to study or whether you want to stay where you already are.


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