About Us

FLIP Network was founded by a former Bodleian Libraries Graduate Trainee, who wanted to extend the sense of community she felt in her trainee cohort across the UK and also work to widen access to the profession. Feeling dissatisfied with the lack of information and networking opportunities for people in the earliest stages of a career in the sector, she brought her idea to a friend and fellow aspiring librarian who enthusiastically helped make the dream a reality.

So, who are we? Currently the team is made up of:

Sarah Arkle – founder

SarahSarah now works as a Technical Services Librarian in Oxford, having completed the MA Librarianship course in Sheffield in 2016. She was also the 2014-15 Graduate Trainee at the English Faculty Library in Oxford prior to her MA. She originally dabbled with volunteering in libraries whilst doing a BA in English (also at Sheffield – so good she went there twice) and decided to make a career of it, moving down to Oxford to do so. She is putting her period of Southern exile to good use – gaining experience in FE, School and HE libraries. Her main working interests relate to social justice, ethics and the role libraries can play in improving equality in education. When she isn’t working, she enjoys reading, cooking, and a good pub quiz. Find her tweeting @sazarkle.

Suzannah Bridge – co-founder


Suzannah is the Library Manager at an agricultural college in Sussex. She was also an MA Librarianship student at Sheffield until recently, and prior to that worked as a Library Assistant at Reading College for 2 years. During that time she encouraged students to play games amongst the library shelves and write all over the walls, all in the name of education, not anarchy. She started thinking about working in libraries as an undergraduate, after friends made one too many comments suggesting it might be the ideal outlet for her enthusiasm for organisation.  Her work related interests involve developing engaging approaches to user education and promoting information literacy. Outside of libraries, she’s a regular at the gym, makes a pretty tasty pizza and is highly proficient in the art of watching Netflix. She can be found tweeting as @suzannahbridge.

Duncan Jones – Social Media Coordinator

PLZ9XflvDuncan has worked in both public libraries and academic libraries, having spent time in a public library in London and working as a Graduate Trainee in the Bodleian Library, where he progressed to being a Senior Library Assistant. He’s especially proficient at producing signage and enjoys the reader services aspect of librarianship. Having previously worked as a teaching assistant, he also enjoys user education. He recently completed the new distance learning LIS qualification through the University of Sheffield, being part of the first intake of students to do so, and recently started a role as a Reader Services Librarian in Oxford. In his spare time Duncan enjoys poetry and is an accomplished artist. He was also once mistaken for a werewolf.


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