FLIP Trip #2 – Reykjavik Public Library

Last month some of the team found themselves on holiday together…again. Whilst spending a few days in Reykjavik they decided to check out the public library.

Having been so enamoured with the public library in Bergen last year, we knew when we visited Iceland this year we wanted to check out the public library in Reykjavik to see if our theory that all things Nordic are better is true.

We certainly weren’t disappointed; in terms of design, Reykjavik’s public library exudes a similar kind of Scandinavian cool as Bergen’s did with many pleasant and varying reading spaces available.

Of course, much of the signage and collections were in Icelandic, so there isn’t really a great deal we can say about the quality of the resources but the library seemed well stocked across multiple floors including a separate children’s library with playing spaces and fish!

There was also a large music library – not quite as impressive as the one in Bergen in that it didn’t have instruments ready to be played – but it did have spaces where users can sit and listen to music through headphones.


Another feature we enjoyed as that there was a variety of art used to decorate shelf-ends. There were some (unfortunately not pictured here) display cases which featured random trinkets – perhaps lost property that has gathered dust over the years – which added to the charm of the space. We did remember to take pictures of the shelf art though:


On the whole, we didn’t find ourselves quite as awestruck by this library as we did when we went to Bergen, but we still found it to be a welcoming and pleasant space – even if we didn’t understand what most of the signs meant! We think for now our theory holds.


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