FLIP Trip: Bergen Public Library

Sarah and Suzannah from the FLIP team recently visited Bergen Public Library in Norway and were so impressed by what they saw they decided to share it with FLIP.

The exterior of Bergen Public Library


The first room you see as you enter the library is fairly traditional in its design, with only the chess table giving away the fact that this library is far from old fashioned.



This was the room that impressed us most. As you walk in you are greeted by the wooden modular steps. There’s a projector screen on the wall it faces and, judging by the library’s Twitter feed, this space is used for events. There’s additional soft seating in the windows, and we were delighted to find a collection of board games on one of the shelves.


As we walked further into the room we realised that there was even more hidden behind the wooden steps! Here we found a number of reading nooks, and small group seating areas with TVs and games consoles.


Bergen Public Library also boasts an impressive music library, equipped with a piano, keyboard and several guitars.


The children’s library on the ground floor was bright and colourful. We could only take a few pictures as the library was rather busy. A highlight of this area was a small room to the side of the children’s library filled with building blocks.


As you can see from this selection of photos from around the library close attention had been paid to every corner of the library, ensuring that every room was bright, well lit and struck a good balance between design and function. We avoided taking pictures with people in them, but we were pleased to see the library was well used, even on a weekday.

Have you been to any other libraries in Norway? We’d love to know if they are all this impressive!


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